Deeply Buried Fossils

CTV Interview with Kevin Fleming

European Genealogical History ” After the Flood ” Excellent Book by Bill Cooper

Psalms 8: 3-4

CBC News – The Homestretch speaks to Edgar Nernberg and Darla Zelenitsky

Special Edition Interview with Edgar Nernberg on his fossil fish Genesis Week

Fish fossils found in Calgary

Alberta creationist discovers rare fish fossils in basement dig

Creationist hopes his fossil find will get two plaques – one fitting his world view

Alberta creationist Edgar Nernberg uncovers what experts say is the most important fossil finds in decades

Alberta ‘creationist’ finds 60m-year-old fish fossils

Alberta creationist Edgar Nernberg digs up what scientists are calling the most important fossil finds in decades

Whoops! A creationist museum supporter stumbled upon a major fossil find.

Psalm 19:1-6

The solar corona during a total eclipse in 2006.

Stela of Amenemopet, a Priest of Senwosret I

Cosmetic-box fragment with a striding bull

Openwork plaque with a cow and a suckling calf

Fossils encountered during Edgar’s travels

Arizona Fossil Show 2004

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