The Fish Fossil Find

Alberta creationist Edgar Nernberg digs up what scientists are calling the most important fossil finds in decades

The Lord works in mysterious ways — and apparently, He has a pretty ironic sense of humour, too.

You have to smile, when the greatest fossil discovery in recent Calgary history comes at the end of a backhoe operated by a man known as the greatest promoter of creationism in Alberta.

His name is Edgar Nernberg, and when he’s not sitting on the board of directors of Big Valley’s Creationist Museum or actively lobbying for the inclusion of creationism in Alberta’s school curriculum, Nernberg operates a backhoe in Calgary.

It was in the seat of that machine that Nernberg made the discovery being hailed by scientists in Alberta as one of the most important fossil finds in decades, helping to solve an evolutionary puzzle dating back 60 million years.

Not that Nernberg is buying that date for a second: To him, the five perfectly preserved fossil fish, found while excavating a basement in northwest Calgary, are just more proof of a world created by God only a few thousand years ago.

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Creationist Explanation of the Find

Photos of the Fossils

Three of the most visible fish before they were prepped. Perhaps a fisherman can identify them for us!

The Five Fish prepped by Allen Lindoe at the University of Alberta

The other two fish before they were prepped with the magnified teeth of the third fish

Other Fossils Found with the Fish include this short log this small rock which includes bone,snail clam and a leaf impression and the Palm Frond which is from the Calgary area.

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