Noah”s Farm

Future Home of Noah's Fossil Farm

Scale Model of Noahs Ark Built for the Big Valley Creation Science Museum in Big Valley

The Noah’s Fossil Farm Project

Noah’s Fossil Farm consists of 61 acres of land in the county of Wetaskwin Alberta 30 minutes South of Edmonton. It borders the QE2 highway between Calgary and Edmonton and has nearly 1/4 mile of highway frontage that has upwards of 25,000 vehicles go by each day and with overpasses very close to the South and North sides of the property.

Attractive and effective signage placed along the QE2 highway would inform the traveling public of this unique site. The initial phase of the project is to build a residence with a fossil shop in the walkout basement. The long term vision is to set up a fossil shop/bookstore/museum in a 1/3 size replica of Noah’s Ark. Other possibilities include Biblical themed playground , petting zoo, astronomical observatory.etc


Overhead view of the property

Overhead View QE2 on Right Hand Side

Current Photos:

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