“The most important fossil find in decades”

– Calgary Sun

“Canada’s most important discovery of fossils”

– The Independent

The Lord works in mysterious ways — and apparently, He has a pretty ironic sense of humour, too.

You have to smile, when the greatest fossil discovery in recent Calgary history comes at the end of a backhoe operated by a man known as the greatest promoter of creationism in Alberta.

His name is Edgar Nernberg, and when he’s not sitting on the board of directors of Big Valley’s Creationist Museum or actively lobbying for the inclusion of creationism in Alberta’s school curriculum, Nernberg operates a backhoe in Calgary.

It was in the seat of that machine that Nernberg made the discovery being hailed by scientists in Alberta as one of the most important fossil finds in decades, helping to solve an evolutionary puzzle dating back 60 million years.

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The 4Ft by 4Ft slab of sandstone in which the five fish were found.The fish have been fully prepped and are being studied at the U of A in Edmonton. When the study has been completed the fish will be displayed in  the Royal Tyrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta .

Kevin Fleming CTV Interview

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Biblical Creationist Makes Exciting Fossil Find

Biblical Creationist Makes Exciting Fossil Find

on May 31, 2015

A recent fossil find has been making headlines all over the world. Edgar Nernberg, who lives in Alberta, Canada, was reportedly digging a basement in Calgary when he found a block of sandstone that contained “a school of rare fossilized fish.” Apparently complete fossils are rare in the Paskapoo Formation of Alberta, where these fish were found, so this find is “a 10 out of 10 for significance.”

Now the fossil itself is not what has garnered so much press. This exciting find is making headlines largely because it was discovered by a biblical creationist! Edgar, who specializes in construction work, is a friend of Answers in Genesis and is on the board of directors for the Big Valley Creation Science Museum located near famous dinosaur discovery site Drumheller, Alberta. He’s quite well known in Canadian Christian circles, especially in Alberta, so it’s not surprising he made the news. When we were constructing the Creation Museum, Edgar and his wife drove their trailer down to Kentucky and stayed for several months lending their expertise to the initial museum construction. And it was Edgar who came upon this exciting fossil find that is making news!

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